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Do you find that you’re getting stuck in the same patterns with your family over and over? Your child lies, you get upset, you yell, your child rolls their eyes, and nothing ever gets resolved. Maybe you think you are failing as a parent. Maybe you are ashamed that you are acting in the same way your parents did, and you swore you would never be like them. Are you trying all sorts of ways to get through to your child whether it’s rewards or doing nice things for them and nothing seems to be working?

Whether your child has ADHD, anxiety, depression, or is dealing with every day stress of being a child, the entire family is impacted. Children do not grow up in isolation and parents do not parent in isolation. Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) aims to restore relationships between family members. A parent-child relationship can be one of the most rewarding relationships of a lifetime. Understanding what blocks us from creating that connection with our child and family can open the door to more effective caregiving responses. By deepening our emotional experience we can access our caregiving intentions and meet our child’s attachment needs.

Courtney Lynn, PhD

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